As we are starting spring break  my kiddo wanted to see Rock Dog.  It looked cute in the previews, but I hadn’t really heard any reviews.  So, off to the movies we go.  This movie was SLOW.  I expected lots of good music, but there really isn’t anything memorable.  I had to fight to stay awake.  Samantha was on the edge of her seat, but never really got into the movie.  My biggest complaint about this movie is though-out many conversations there were several “bleeps”.  Why in a kids movie do we need bleeps?  It is also obvious what those “bleeps” cover.  Sam even asked, “Why do they keep covering the words?” ,and I shouldn’t have to say, ” those are cuss words that kids shouldn’t use.”    I give this movie  thumbs down.


Entitled Much

Let me start by saying this will probably ruffle some feathers, but honestly I don’t care.

I am 40 years old and I started working at 15 years old.  I paid for my own insurance, gas, and any extras that I wanted.  I drove a used car and appreciated that my parents paid for it.  I was raised with the belt.  My parents never worried about someone getting upset when they disciplined us, in fact our neighborhood was a big family.  If I did something wrong at a friends house not only would I get in trouble there, but my parents were called an I got in trouble when I got home.  We did not embarrass our parents when we had company or when we were out.

We all want our children to have it better than we did, but at what cost.  My daughter is an only child, and yes she is spoiled.  No, I am not a hypocrite, she is spoiled in the best possible ways.  What does that mean, well let me explain.

My 7 year old is in the 2nd grade and loves school.  She loves learning new things and new ways to do things she has already learned.  My daughter plays softball, does gymnastics, and is taking guitar lessons.  She is allowed these activities because she works hard at school.  She also does her own laundry, cleans her own room, vacuums, packs her lunch for school, and cleans her bathroom.  She does not get everything she wants.  She hears the word NO a lot.  We have always spoken to her with adult words, never baby talk.  We will spank (oh no!!!!), but it rarely gets to that point. (BTW, my husband and I turned out just fine and we were both spanked when we were kids.)

I know everyone has their own parenting style, but the lack of respect is growing everyday.  To see a child look at their mother and tell her to SHUT UP, and the mother not react in any way….. My mom would have knocked my teeth down my throat, and I will pop mine in the mouth.  To see a child throw a temper tantrum in the middle of a store because he/she can’t have a piece of candy, then the parent give in just to stop the tantrum…..

I’m not saying beat your child or never give them anything, but earning something and showing respect and appreciation for privileges is so important.

To give a teenager their first car only to have them say, ” I thought I would get a better car than this used car”  Guess what, now you are walking again.  Or “I don’t want the $100 pair of shoes, I want the $150 pair because that is the pair my friends have.”

I know my child is not perfect and she will at some point in time pull this same “I DESERVE” crap, but when we say no, she will remember to be respectful of our decision.    She will sneak out, she will get into trouble, but she will always be disciplined.

I do not want to raise an ENTITLED child, I want her to be a respectful, appreciative, and humble.

Well, there it is.  In a nutshell please teach your kids respect.

Bucket List

What is on your bucket list?  I found a book at Five Below that is “My Ultimate Bucket List”.  There are 250 items on the list.  As I started going through the book I noticed that I have done some of these and there are some that I would NEVER do.  Let’s start with things I will not do.

Attend a Séance, Try Mud Wrestling, Give Blood ( due to medical reasons), Go Scuba Diving ( again medical reasons ), Kite Boarding, Go on a Blind Date ( ummm, I’m married ), Complete a Triathlon ( medial reasons ).  I guess out of 250 items that is not too bad.

Now, what I would like to do.

Go on a Safari, Slide down a Fireman’s Pole, Learn to Say Hello in 50 Languages, Stand on the Equator, RoadTrip Down Route 66, Experience the Northern Lights, Learn to Surf, Polar Bear Plunge, Explore a ShipWreck, Swim with Sea Turtles, Swing from a Trapeze (they have this in Dallas), Get in a Taxi and Yell, “follow that car”, Take my Dream Vacation (Sicily), Visit Every State in the US, Learn Survival Skills, Build an Igloo, Be in 2 Places at the Same Time.

That is a lot to do, but I think it can all be done.  There are a few other easy ones that can be done pretty quickly, like Mentor a Young Person, Make a Bury a Time Capsule, Dress up in a Disguise for a Day.

The things that I have done are just as long as the want to do list.  Sooooo, there you have it, my list.  What is on your list?



Getting Old….er

I turned 40 this year!!!  Everyone says age is just a number, it’s how old you feel that counts.  Well, I feel 40.  I have gained weight, but that’s only because I love TACOS!!!!   I hear myself saying some of the same phrases my Mom use to say to me.  I people watch and then threaten my child when a see a young girl walking around in tiny clothes, showing off all the goods ( BTW, I did the same thing when I was in my 20s).  I feel like my body is falling apart, indigestion is horrible, thyroid gets crazy, when I get a cold it seems to linger forever, and I pee a little every time I cough!!!

I think I may be going through a mid-life crisis.  I don’t know who I am ( and it’s not from dementia ), I don’t have any hobbies that are just for me.  I feel like I am lost and can’t find my way.

I have an amazing family that stand by me every minute of every day.  My husband is amazing and really tries to understand what I am feeling.  My sweet angel girl keeps me on my toes every single day and I can not imagine my life without her.  My parents are there when I need them, my SILs are stand by my side every day.


So, tonight I pose a question to all you ladies that are lost.  What are you doing to try and find yourself?  What hobbies do you have that keep you going from day to day?

Happy Birthday Angel




It’s been a while since I have posted.  I have had so much going on.  I spent quite some time trying to plan my little angel’s birthday party.  She chose Alice in Wonderland as her theme and we had an amazing cake made, invited all her classmates, softball team, and family, had a bounce house, piñata, and somehow there was a BIG water balloon fight.  And my brother decided to take it a step further and just pull out the water hose and spray all the kids down.  Sam had the best time.  I love to see her smile and be happy.

She is my miracle baby.  We were not suppose to get pregnant because of my heart.   Obviously God had other plans for us.  She has been through so much in her 7 years.  Broken arm, broken toe, seizure which included hospitalization, cardiac testing ( just to rule out the condition I have ).

She loves to read and help cook, mostly sweets with Daddy.  She is so smart and full of information.  She has the best memory, this tends to bite me in the ass soooooo much.

I am so proud of the little lady that she is growing into.  I can’t wait to see what awaits her in the future.

I love you my little angel!  Happy Birthday.



If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?  I have been to a few places over the last  15 years.  My first big vacation was to Cancun.  Rueben and I went with his brother, sister-in-law, mother, and two aunts.  We had a blast.  I have been to Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico ( like real Mexico, not tourist Mexico ),  Disneyworld, and several  other states.  My kiddo has already been to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.   She is only 7!!

I have been on a cruise, I loved it, Rueben not so much.  I am definitely wanting to do it again, maybe a girls cruise.  We have an Alabama beach trip coming up this summer, we are driving so we can hit Louisiana and Mississippi on the way.

My parents have been traveling like crazy.  They seem to be going everywhere.  Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, Alaska, Branson, Belize, and Honduras.  They waited until recently to start traveling.  They are loving every minute of their trips.

That being said here are a list of places I want to visit.  These are not in any order.

Brazil, Sicily, Tuscany, Australia, Ireland, Monaco, France, Greece, Barcelona, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad, and Cuba.

New York City, Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta, Miami, Reno, San Francisco, Nashville, and  Key West.

Where do you want to go?

Spring Cleaning

I started my spring cleaning last week.  I cleaned out all of my kitchen cabinets, my pantry, my laundry closet, master bath, office, and living room.  We got new furniture on Thursday, and are having it replaced on Thursday.  The guys that loaded it up did such a good job tying it down that the rope cut into the back of the leather on both couch and loveseat.  Nebraska Furniture Mart offered to replace it with free delivery.  BTW, I love my new furniture, so soft and comfy.

We had a full weekend of softball, birthday parties, and family so I was not able to finish my cleaning.  Today, I cleaned Samantha’s room.  It took me 4 hours.  She will not bring another McDonald’s, Sonic, or any other kids meal toy into my house!  I ended up with 2 trash bags full of crap.  So much paper, candy wrappers, broken toys, and kids meal toys.  I even found raisins that were grapes when she took them into her room.  I organized her books, stuffed animals, American Girl Doll clothes and accessories, and her desk.  Then I threatened her, keep it clean or I will throw everything away!  I guess we will see.

Hopefully my next project will be painting the master bathroom and master bedroom.  We will see!

Happy Anniversary



Today is my 8 year anniversary.  Rueben and I started dating in 2004 and married in 2008.  We have had our ups and downs, but our love always stays strong.  There are several things about my husband that stand out.  First, he has NEVER and I mean NEVER called me out of my name.  Even in a joking manner, he has never said I was a bitch.  Even when he is at work with all of his work buddies around, I know that he has never said anything to put me down.  Second, he has never raised a hand to me.  His momma raised him to respect women and never put your hands on a woman.  Third, he loves me unconditionally.  I, like many women, have my CRAZY.  He doesn’t complain about it, in fact he embraces it.  Fourth, he is always at my side when I am not well.  He will sleep in a chair next to a hospital bed and never leave my side.  He slept on the couch for 2 days after we came home with Samantha.  He watched over her so I could rest and heal after my C-Section.  Fifth, he always tries to give me anything I want (within reason).  He strives to make sure our little family never has to want for anything.  Sixth, he has an amazing heart.  Family is his number one priority, he will do what ever he can to help his/ my extended family.  Seventh, he is an amazing father.  I watch in awe as he teaches her what a great man looks like.  He teaches her to stand up for herself and be strong in her convictions.  He teaches her to reach for the stars.  He teaches her compassion and love.

My husband is truly the best husband I could ever ask for.  His love and support surpass anything I could ever imagine.  I love you so much Rueben.  Day after day I am reminded how lucky I am to have you as my husband.  Thank you for everything that you do for our family.


Yesterday our community was rocked to the core.  A young woman that everyone knew and respected was murdered.  This is a small town and though we have crime, this is jaw dropping.  She was the mother of 3 girls, wife, Camp Gladiator trainer, and friend to all.  She was unloading her car for her 5am camp and when she entered the church to set up, she was killed.  Information at this time is limited.  It has been said the person that killed her could have been robbing the church and was interrupted, but some say this looks like an ambush.  The “suspect” was in police tactical gear, covered from head to toe, and took their time entering and leaving the building.  It is also unclear if this was a woman or a man.  Some agree that the way this person walks and stands, it looks like a female.

How could someone so loved be murdered, and inside of  a church!!! Unbelievable.

Make sure and tell you family that you love them, hug them a little tighter, and say a prayer for the time you have with them.

In Memory of Terri “Missy” Bevers.